Team Try

Zoe Keddie – Try Games Chair

I’m delighted and humbled that Ciara – the Try games founder and mother of the event’s inspiration, James –asked me to Chair this exciting event.

My background is in health policy and after working in the government/public sector for 15 years, I now have my own company working in strategic communications and solutions. What is this? According to one of my clients “We gave you the vision, you made it happen. You’re the go-to person to get things done.”

I’ve worked with NHS organisations, academic institutions and private companies on several large-scale projects, from a government strategy on childhood obesity, shared health/social care records and organising a screening and Q&A of Skidrow Marathon, (a multi-award winning film about homelessness, addiction and the redemptive power of running) at the 2017 Berlin Marathon. All of these projects have one thing in common- community inclusion. The Try Games will be all of this and more!

Sportswise, I’ve always been a fan of an 80s-style aerobics class, but rather late in life I’ve discovered, to my surprise, I’m a runner; I went to my local park run in 2014 and never looked back. I’m currently training for my 6th marathon and have my eyes on a ultra in the not too distant future. But with the variety of sports and activities on offer at the Try Games, I’m hoping to add something new to my list.

I’m thrilled that we have a fabulous team of sponsors and activity providers on board and I’m excited about making the inaugural Try Games a huge success – providing opportunities for everyone in the community to get involved, discover new skills, have fun and raise funds for the fabulous Three Ways School.

Ciara Davies – Founder

I have worked as a tax advisor for 20 years, 10 of them in the Big 4 and subsequently in partnership with my husband Nigel. We specialise in ‘people’ tax with an emphasis on design and implementation of remuneration plans, often with an international aspect, as well as certain private client services. My clients are a hugely intelligent, entrepreneurial and, frankly, quite challenging bunch, and playing a part in the growth of so many fast-moving and diverse businesses can be thrilling.

I am the chair of the Threeways PTFA, which is a small but mettlesome group of parents, former parents and staff. Our main goal is to increase our numbers and work with like-minded people in the wider community to support our amazing children and young people in achieving their potential. This is not just about fundraising but also creating opportunities to engage with people we might not otherwise come across and hopefully build understanding, working relationships and friendships.

On the sporting front, I am currently training for my second ultra marathon and developing a serious love of CrossFit since beginning a few months ago and discovering several new muscle groups that I never even suspected were there. Anyone who has seen the size of my son/the ever-growing tax legislation will understand that this is as much a practical issue as a vanity one!

Tanya Estrella – Team Member

I have always loved sport, moving from competitive gymnastics to Tae Kwon Do and competing internationally. It’s great to combine that passion with doing something focused on uniting the community to fundraise for Three Ways School via for The Try Games.

My background is in global marketing roles for high-growth technology companies, and I now have a strategic marketing agency based in Bristol working with growth-stage technology companies, VC’s and Private Equity portfolio companies.

I have three sporty kids who can’t wait to get stuck in on the day. I also know a whole host of lovely people in the worlds of business, sport and technology and will be hoping to get a wealth of local people involved in the inaugural Try Games in one way or another.

Kerry Sutton – Team Member

I started my working life in investment banking where I honed my skill of managing projects, people and working under immense pressure. It was a fun, fast and an exciting job, but after a few years I had a feeling brewing within that I wasn’t totally fulfilled. This led me into teaching, a job I loved. Teaching built on the skills I’d learnt in the bank, but added art and sport, both of which I found really stimulating. So much so, that I moved into fitness coaching and this is where, after having four kids, I find myself now. I have my own business as a run coach, helping people of all abilities achieve their dreams of running all manner of distances.

The main thread of my business is “empowerment”. Through running and getting involved in challenges, people find they are capable of so much more than they realised. I have numerous clients finishing 50-mile ultras, running marathons after enduring cancer, completing multi-day events, and in the process finding they are stronger and capable of more than they ever thought. I can only do this with such passion because I too enjoy running crazy distances and have seen the effects of this on my life.

Similarly, it is our intention that the Try Games will open up the wonderful world of sport to so many more people.

Kate Michell – Team Member

Being the mother of a vibrant 12-year-old with complex special needs and a 10-year-old lego fanatic who is happy to have a bash at whatever sport comes his way, and the wife of an expert DIYer and creator, I felt the ethos of the Try Games was perfect for my “have a go” family and I was keen to be involved.

Having spent the last 20 years in publishing, mainly as a project editor, I have recently spread my wings into the world of book production, which means I am required to multitask more than ever: logistics and schedules are definitely my thing – along with a severe hatred of a stray apostrophe.

I also help out with the administration of my husband’s architecture practice, am Treasurer of the Threeways PTFA, and official dogwalker/runner of Roxy, our family hound.

I too enjoy running, through which I have learned you definitely get back out what you put in, and some. But I also love trying out new sports, with wakeboarding, stand-up paddleboarding and surfing being the latest activities I’ve dipped my toes into.

Finally, I have a strong work ethic: give me a job and I’ll do it.

Laura Hobbs-Wall – Team Member

I have experience in sales, marketing, account management and events management within charity and commercial sectors.

Travelling has always been a passion of mine and I and have travelled throughout the world for business and pleasure; leading trekking expeditions in various countries from husky dog sledding in Lapland to trekking the mountains and foothills of Rajasthan.

My seven year old daughter is a pupil at Three Ways school and I became a member of the PTFA a few years ago to help raise awareness and funds for this fantastic school.

I love running and have completed a few half marathons, but above all I love the inclusive nature of the Try Games in bringing together the local community to share in each other’s successes and to encourage and support each other. I am really excited to be involved in the Try Games and am sure that the 2019 Try Games will be an even bigger success!

Lucy Beattie – Three Ways Staff

I am the Fundraising Consultant at Three Ways School, where I have worked for the last nine years in a variety of roles focusing on fundraising, raising awareness and engaging with the community and businesses for Three Ways. I have successfully raised over £500,000 to build, equip and run 3 Cafe Kitchen, an on-site, purpose-built cafe to give young people with special needs work experience and training.

My other projects at the school include setting up, funding and running After 3! – a programme of after-school, lunchtime and breakfast clubs for students with special needs. The polytunnel, nurture areas, horse riding and various other projects have been funded with my assistance. I continue to work for the school to help with funding new equipment, engaging with local businesses and the media and raising the profile of 3 Cafe Kitchen.

I have played an active role in developing opportunities for young people with special needs to engage in sport and new activities in school and the community, including being a committee member of BANES Inclusive Sports Partnership. Through these contacts and experience, as well as a mum of three girls, I hope to help the Try Games to further raise the profile of inclusive sport in Bath and get as many people involved in the games as possible!